Leather Handbag Cleaning Care

Leather is a common material used to make handbags. The problem with older bags is how to maintain their look. Leather handbag cleaning techniques are various but there are many common aspects in all the different techniques to leather handbag cleaning.

What You Will Need for Leather Handbag Cleaning

Leather handbag cleaning usually entails moisturizing the leather and cleaning away the dirt that has accumulated through the years. There are many different leather care products that are recommended for cleaning and priming. Mink oil is one of the highly recommended products to recondition most leather handbags. This oil does not clog up the pores of the leather thus it is absorbed well and it can condition the leather well enough for it to be supple and clean. The mink oil also pushes away the dirt and grime that may have accumulated in your leather handbag. Using mink oil for leather handbag cleaning is a cheap and effective solution. You can also try to clean your leather handbag with a damp cloth first before trying any other leather handbag cleaning product. Most handbags react well to damp cloth, not wet cloth. Rub the spot you wish to clean gently and gradually applying pressure if the dirt does not come off. Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol, turpentine and caustic products. These may discolor your leather handbag and make it dry out. Leather handbag cleaning tips for stains is to grind up blackboard chalk to a fine powder and leave on the stain for over 24 hours. This can be very effective for some stains caused by blood or food items. The powder is said to absorb the elements of the stain. Leather handbag cleaning tips also include storing the bags in a breathable bag cloth. Plastics will encourage the growth of molds and other bacteria that will eventually ruin the leather. Leather handbag cleaning and conditioning should be done several times a year. Dust, grime and oils from our body can darken the leather of our bags. You can freshen up your bags by applying a leather conditioner product at least four times a year which can facilitate leather handbag cleaning as well. Taking good care of your leather handbags are a good way of keeping your investments safe. Some brand names handbags retain their prices while some become more expensive as years go by. Leather handbag cleaning materials should be always available in your home incase of stains and other emergencies.